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Sat. January 18, 2020

Doors 6:00PM I Show 8:00PM

Age Restrictions: 21+ 

Tickets: $15

Let My Yellow Rickshaw “boldly take you where no cover band has gone before!” Since 2009, this rotating group of friends, neighbors and musicians have been entertaining folks around Indianapolis with humor, variety and seamless covers into every show. From Taylor Swift to Timberlake, Zac Brown Band to Alabama, The Temptations to Van Morrison, Cyndi Lauper to Guns ‘N Roses, TLC to Usher, plenty of top 40 and hip-hop, and even an Irish jig or two, you will hear musical selections from the 1950’s to today’s current hits. With a refreshing lineup of sounds that includes fiddle, mandolin, upright bass, harmonica and melodica (what’s that, you ask?), My Yellow Rickshaw will take you on a unique and hilarious journey at every show.

Founded in 2009 by childhood friends Nathan Klatt, Eric Maitlen and Steve Hueber, the band name gets its origin from Eric and Steve; while spending an extended period of time on a mission trip in India, Eric and Steve befriended a rickshaw driver named Gopal Singh, who quite aptly, drove a yellow rickshaw for a living. It’s quite the bizarre tale, but absolutely true – hence the name, goofiness and overall sense of joy/happiness that exudes from the band.

Now in 2018, the band continues to play on a regular schedule, at a variety of events and locations.


While seasons come and go, players may leave or return, success may ebb and flow, the band will staunchly stick to its grassroots beginnings and principles:

1. Humor and fun music

2. Always bring the “Joy-factor”

3. “Faith, Hope, and Love . . . . And the greatest of these is Love.”

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